6 Dangerous Habits That Have an effect on Baseball and Softball Hitters

One of the frequent complaints from gamers is the shortage of energy behind the plate. It doesn’t matter what philosophy of hitting you consider in, none of them will show you how to attain your biggest potential if these high 6 unhealthy habits are usually not stopped of their tracks. That is true for baseball and women’ softball. In case you have any of those unhealthy habits, ridding your self of them will routinely enhance energy and bat pace.

Smushing the Bug

For those who had been taught to smush the bug, you could have dug your self right into a gap. Smushing the Bug entails a small muscle motion that reduces energy and bat pace. Some hitters are taught to twist or flip their again foot to create extra bat pace and energy within the swing. Nothing might be farther than the reality. Moreover, it’s almost unattainable so that you can hit center or exterior pitches with the candy spot of the bat when you’ve got a spinning again foot downside. A positive come out! That is essentially the most main of those six illnesses as a result of it additionally throws off your steadiness. This unhealthy behavior must be mounted immediately, nevertheless it’s not straightforward.

Correction: Attempt swinging the bat whereas your again foot is planted flat on the bottom. See if you happen to can swing with out shifting your again heel off the bottom. Additionally, it could be useful to work on hitting exterior pitches off of the tee. This may show you how to hit out of your heels and maintain that foot from spinning too quickly.

Bat Wrapper

This frequent unhealthy behavior impacts batters who had been skilled within the “again elbow up” principle. In case your again elbow goes up when getting your weight again, the bat will begin to wrap round your head and throw off the timing of the swing, finally adversely effecting energy and bat pace.

Correction: In your stance, convey the elbow down immediately. If this does not work and your elbow retains popping up, lay the bat again in your high hand if you transfer your fingers and weight again. This could assist forestall the bat from wrapping round your head. It is best to iron this out by working towards this correction method till you are assured that the behavior is damaged. This illness is most certainly going to maintain coming again, so monitor it and drill it out of your system!

Again leg collapse

This illness is fairly critical and should be addressed. When that again leg collapses, you lose the entire energy in your massive muscular tissues, and your eyes and head do an excessive amount of bobbing. Any such batter pops out rather a lot!

Correction: Keep as tall as potential in your stance and when swinging the bat for energy.

If that does not work, do some swinging drills the place you swing off your again leg solely. If it collapses, you will fall down swinging. Keep in mind, keep tall and hit the ball!

Head Diver

This participant was led to consider that if he dives his head close to the contact zone, he’ll see the ball higher. This motion causes your eyes to maneuver off the ball path and throws you off steadiness. It additionally locks up the big muscular tissues and prevents energy and bat pace manufacturing.

Correction: Consider thrusting your again muscular tissues. For those who’re a head diver, you are making an attempt too onerous to hit the ball together with your eyes as an alternative of letting your physique convey your fingers to the ball. “Crack your again” and maintain your head behind the ball. It’s almost unattainable to have any sort of energy or bat pace if you find yourself off steadiness. When you contact the ball, keep in mind that it is OK to let your head come off of the ball for a whole follow-through!

Bent Lead Arm

If hitters’ are swinging barely up and popping up typically, you possibly can look to see if their lead arm is bending an excessive amount of at the beginning of their swing. This downside is uncommon, however straightforward to repair.

Correction: All you might want to do is think about holding the lead arm straighter when beginning your swing. Most superior or skilled hitters is not going to have this downside, nevertheless it’s one thing to concentrate on. Keep in mind; solely make changes when the ball shouldn’t be flying prefer it ought to in batting observe. For those who’re hitting rockets and your lead arm bends slightly, then who cares? Within the swing, the lead arm will normally straighten at first after which probably bend at contact relying on pitch location (Particularly the low pitch).


The hitter who twists his higher torso whereas getting his weight again earlier than he swings could have issues hitting the ball. There may be manner an excessive amount of eye motion and higher physique motion when the hitter has this downside. This throws your timing and swing path out of synch.

Correction: It is a uncommon illness that may be cured by religiously working towards getting your weight again with out turning your shoulders. Your fingers ought to transfer straight again with out the shoulder turning a lot. It makes an enormous distinction!

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