Baseball Hitting Drills That Actually Work

I have been utilizing baseball hitting drills to make myself a greater hitter ever since I used to be a child. Which is a very long time in the past. One factor I had that possibly not everybody has, was the good thing about nice teaching. From my Dad in little league up by means of highschool and American Legion Baseball after which within the Minor Leagues.

Typically occasions little league coaches are properly intentioned dad and mom who’ve youngsters on the crew. However they may not know what makes a superb hitter. You must know the correct mechanics of a superb baseball swing earlier than you possibly can follow them. In any other case, you’ll be working towards improper mechanics.

Rocky Balboa vs The Russian

Keep in mind within the film Rocky four when Rocky was coaching for the struggle with the Russian? There was the Russian coaching on all that prime tech gear and what was Rocky doing? He was out within the snow pulling a sled stuffed with rocks and splitting firewood! The purpose is that you do not have to speculate some huge cash in every kind of pricy coaching aids.

Listed below are some simple to be taught baseball hitting drills that won’t solely enhance your swing, however price little if any cash. And most of them you are able to do by your self.

Muscle Reminiscence

I used to be taught early about muscle reminiscence. One fast instance of muscle reminiscence is tying your sneakers. Attempt it proper now. See how briskly you possibly can tie your sneakers. You do it with out actually enthusiastic about it. That is as a result of you’ve gotten accomplished it so many occasions that your mind and muscle mass virtually do it for you. That is muscle reminiscence.

I nonetheless play baseball in what’s referred to as the Males’s Senior Baseball League. It is a league for us previous guys who nonetheless wish to play however aren’t as much as competing with the younger guys anymore.

I am not bragging once I say that I am among the best hitters within the league.

But it surely’s not as a result of I’ve extra talent or expertise than anybody else. It is as a result of I relentlessly follow the correct mechanics of a superb baseball swing.

The aim is to coach your physique to swing correctly with out enthusiastic about it in order that in a sport you solely have to focus on hitting the baseball. You possibly can’t be enthusiastic about staying balanced, staying again, quick stride, and many others.

Follow the correct mechanics again and again and Muscle Reminiscence will deal with this for you.


Visualization is changing into a well-liked coaching help. We have been doing it 35 years in the past. With all the baseball hitting drills I did, visualization was used on a regular basis. One other phrase that describes visualization is pretending. See your self in your thoughts hitting line drives. Make faux situations and dwell them by means of your thoughts whereas working towards your baseball hitting drills.

Fake that you’ve got a three and 1 rely and the pitcher hangs a curve ball. See your self, as you swing, driving the ball off the 375 foot register proper heart discipline. This really helps with muscle reminiscence and makes these drills extra enjoyable.

Staying Again

If I needed to educate a younger hitter from scratch, and I’ve, in regards to the correct swing, the very first thing we’d discuss could be staying again. I’ve seen so many younger hitters lunge on the ball after they swing. It is like they cannot look forward to the ball to get to them in order that they go ahead to hit the ball.

We used to do a easy drill within the minor leagues that helped me to be taught to remain again. Our coach would have us arrange in our batting stance. He informed us to faux that there was a metal rod that went by means of the highest of our head, down by means of our physique and got here out our butt. This metal rod was then anchored into the bottom in order that we couldn’t transfer ahead.

Then he would have us step and swing. The aim right here is to step with the entrance foot, however not permit your physique to maneuver ahead. When doing this drill, consider your step as a attain in the direction of the pitcher. Now, for this drill to be efficient, it’s a must to follow it many occasions each day. Particularly when you have been a lunger earlier than. Do not go entrance to hit the ball. Be affected person and let the baseball come to you.

You possibly can add to this drill by working towards your head self-discipline. Your head ought to go all the way down to the baseball if you swing. Your physique will observe your head. So in case you are pulling your head out if you swing, your entrance shoulder will observe and open to rapidly which is able to completely screw up your swing.

Follow your stability with this drill. If you swing, you need to be balanced. Do not swing so arduous that you just fall round within the batters field.

Follow all of this stuff with this drill however take them one by one. Do not attempt to work on three issues on the similar time. Work on staying again for just a few swings, then consider stability and so forth.

Dominant Eye

All of us have a dominant eye although we do not understand it. Do that.

Take the index finger and thumb of your left hand and make a V. Do the identical factor with the index finger and thumb of your proper hand. Now contact your two index fingers and two thumbs collectively to kind a triangle. Pick an object on the wall and take a look at it by means of the triangle. Then, shut your proper eye. Can you continue to see the article? If not, shut your left eye. Are you able to see it now? The attention you can see the article with is your dominant eye. So if you arrange within the batter’s field, make darn certain you’re seeing the pitcher together with your dominant eye.

In case you are a proper handed hitter and you’re proper eye dominant, you might need to show your head a bit extra to be sure you can see the pitcher together with your proper eye.

Ball On A String

Here is one other cool drill you are able to do by your self. And you are able to do this drill all day. Take a baseball and an eye fixed hook. An eye fixed hook is small and appears like a screw on the underside and has a loop on prime. Search for them at any ironmongery shop for just a few cents.

Push the screw finish in opposition to the baseball and switch it in so far as you possibly can. If it’s a must to, put a screw driver by means of the loop to assist flip it in.

The take some string and cling the baseball out of your storage ceiling.

I cling mine from the railing for my computerized door opener or put a small nail in a rafter within the basement and tie the string to it.

Use sufficient string in order that the ball is about thigh excessive. Swing the baseball out away from you. When it comes again hit it together with your bat. Now, do not smack the daylights out of it with a full swing. Simply faucet it with the bat. Make contact. Play pepper with it.

This can be a hand-eye-coordination drill. You are not all that involved about mechanics right here. At first it’ll appear arduous to even make contact. However the longer you do that drill, the higher you may get. Focus on watching the bat hit the ball. Faucet it proper again on the imaginary pitcher.

You possibly can add to this drill. I used to be visiting an area sporting good retailer and located some small, coaching baseballs. They feel and appear precisely like a regulation sized baseball however are smaller. Utilizing this smaller ball will hone your hand eye coordination much more.

You may as well change your bat with a bit of wood dowling rod out of your native ironmongery shop. Or use an previous broom deal with. Be certain it is no less than so long as your bat. Noticed some off you probably have too. Now with a smaller bat and smaller ball you possibly can actually work in your hand, eye coordination.

After you get good at this drill, change the peak of the baseball. Cling it larger or decrease and hold working towards.

Tremendous Pepper

Once I was a child my brother and I performed this sport always. I believe you all know what pepper is. One man with a bat and a number of other fielders. The fielders toss the ball to the batter and he faucets the ball again to the fielders. Because it was simply my brother and me we did it a bit totally different. Stand about twenty ft aside. The item for the man pitching is to get the ball within the strike zone. For the batter, the article is to hit a line drive proper again to the pitcher. Once more, you aren’t taking a full swing. Simply faucet the ball again on the pitcher.

The spin we placed on this drill was that the batter will get to hit so long as he hits the ball in order that the pitcher can catch it on a line. If the batter hits the ball on the bottom, over the pitcher’s head or far sufficient away from him that he cannot catch it, the batter and pitcher change locations.

At first this will probably be tough. However you may enhance. My brother and I did this drill for hours on finish and had a blast doing it. It acquired to the purpose the place we seldom missed.

This drill forces you to look at the ball and focus on making sq. contact. What occurred to my swing was that in a sport I’d hit smoking line drives to heart and proper heart discipline. It is an awesome drill.

Heavy Bat

Again once I performed American Legion Baseball we used wood bats. Throughout a sport, I broke my favourite, Roberto Clemente, Louisville Slugger. My Dad taped up the deal with. Then he drilled huge holes within the barrel and crammed them with lead. The lead made the bat fairly heavy. I’d stand in entrance of our basement wall and put a store mild behind me so I may see my shadow on the wall. Then I would swing that heavy bat again and again.

You possibly can substitute lead with a kind of weighted donuts. Follow your mechanics whereas swinging this heavy bat. Ensure you are staying again. See the pitcher in your thoughts and faux to hit totally different pitches. Make a sport out of it and see your self driving the ball off the other discipline fence or pulling a curve ball out of the park.

One factor to focus on whereas doing this drill is stability. The heavy bat will have a tendency to drag you off stability. Do not let it. Swing regular however do not swing actual arduous. Ensure you hold good stability proper into your observe by means of. What you may discover after doing this drill for awhile is that your bat pace will improve dramatically. And that is what produces energy. Swing quicker, not more durable

Reverse Swing Drill

I learn someplace a very long time in the past that working towards your swing backwards helps construct Muscle Reminiscence. The article I learn stated that Japanese gamers do that drill on a regular basis. So, being consumed with the aim of changing into the perfect hitter that I might be, I practiced my swing in reverse so many occasions, that right here it’s virtually 35 years later and I can nonetheless do it.

A great way to organize for this drill is to have somebody video tape your swing. Then watch your swing ahead and backwards, again and again till it is in your head so to talk.

If you do not have somebody to video tape you, it is OK. You possibly can nonetheless do that drill. I at all times did this drill in gradual movement. Get into your stance. Slowly undergo your swing. On the finish of your observe by means of, simply reverse the sequence till you’re again in your stance. It is like urgent the rewind button in your swing.

That is really a enjoyable drill to do and as I stated, it helps construct Muscle Reminiscence.

Tennis Racket Drill

Here is one I will guess you possibly can’t do. However when you grasp it, you may most probably be the one participant in your crew that may do it.

I am certain you’ve gotten seen tennis gamers bouncing the tennis ball up and down off of their racket. Do that with a bat and a baseball. This can be a nice hand, eye coordination drill. I assure you will not be capable to do that at first. This drill will present you simply how good, or dangerous, your hand, eye coordination is.

After doing this for a few minutes every day, you be shocked at your progress. Doing this with a tennis racket is simple. Doing it with a spherical bat and a spherical ball is not.

These are just a few of the drills I used to do and nonetheless do. Once I was a child and determined that baseball was what I needed to do for a residing, I practiced these drills virtually till my arms fell off. These drills labored and labored dramatically. However quite a lot of time was spent perfecting my swing.

There will probably be occasions if you would quite watch TV or play video video games. Go forward, however then do not anticipate to be the perfect hitter round. Your bodily expertise does have one thing to do with it. However these drills will make anybody a greater hitter.

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