Youth Baseball Coaches: Squishing the Bug Is a Unhealthy Behavior

In the event you coach youth baseball hitters to squash the bug, you’ve gotten solely dug them right into a gap. Squashing the bug includes a small muscle motion that reduces energy and bat pace. Some youth baseball hitters are taught to twist or flip their again foot to create extra bat pace and energy within the swing. Nothing could be farther than the reality. Moreover, it’s almost not possible to hit center or outdoors pitches with the candy spot of the bat when you have a spinning again foot downside. A certain come out!

Why is the swing approach known as squishing the bug nonetheless being taught to youth baseball hitters?

Some coaches consider that it’s needed that hitters be on the balls of their toes on the level of contact. That is generally identified and taught as “squishing the bug”, “squish the bug”, “squashing the bug”, and “squash the bug”. Coaches who advocate this swing approach are usually coaches within the youth leagues. This swing approach is just not what nice hitters do within the minor and main leagues.

Coaches who nonetheless advocate the squishing the bug swing approach usually accomplish that for one of many following causes:

1. Coaches usually have massive egos and consider that their strategies are higher than others.

2. The coach is underestimating the potential and skills of youth baseball hitters.

3. They’ve by no means watched a video of professional hitters, in sluggish movement, body by body.

When viewing reside pace movies or nonetheless photos, you’ll most likely see what seems to be like squishing the bug. However when seen body by body, you will notice that the bug does not get squished till effectively after the purpose of contact. The heel arising off the bottom and the ball of the foot twisting is definitely a results of the physique rotating on its middle of mass or axis.

One different purpose that a couple of coaches nonetheless advocate squishing the bug.

They consider it’s a easy solution to train hip rotation to youth baseball hitters.

Some individuals contend that many coaches underestimate what youth baseball hitters can do. Regardless of the way you take a look at it, or what the explanations are, instructing little league gamers the incorrect swing methods solely units them up for failure as they progress into larger leagues of baseball.

Youth baseball hitters must be taught the correct solution to swing the bat from the start so what they be taught does not need to be unlearned later. Most adults know the way arduous it’s to interrupt unhealthy habits.

In case you’ve gotten been taught an incorrect manner of hitting, listed here are a couple of ideas for unlearning the squishing of the bug swing approach.

Attempt swinging the bat whereas your again foot is planted flat on the bottom. See should you can swing with out shifting your again heel off the bottom. Preserve practising till you’ll be able to. Additionally, it could be useful to work on hitting outdoors pitches off of the tee. It will allow you to hit out of your heels and maintain that foot from spinning too quickly. Spinning the foot earlier than the purpose of contact enormously reduces bat pace and energy.

When gamers of any age be taught the right rotational swing approach, she or he will have the ability to hit balls over the outfield fence, even when they’re the smallest child on the crew.

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