Find out how to Restore Dented Bingo Balls

Consider it or not, I’m often requested the right way to repair dented bingo balls.

You understand, you are calling bingo and for some cause ‘B12’ exhibits up with a dent within the aspect. Clearly, you possibly can’t proceed calling bingo with a dented bingo ball. Your bingo gamers would scream bloody homicide and rightfully so. You may’t name a good bingo recreation with broken tools.

So, what are you able to do? Nicely, I’ve by no means seen a dented bingo ball fastened by merely urgent on it, or pushing out the dent by hand. So, I do not assume that works. Regardless of how onerous you press, the dent is not going away.

Nicely, this is one dwelling treatment that I’ve used to repair dented balls and save bingo managers the effort of shopping for a very new set:

1. In a container, warmth some water to the purpose of just about boiling.

2. Place your dented bingo ball into the recent water.

3. Use a spoon or different system to carry the ball below the water as greatest you possibly can.

4. Quickly, the ping-pong like ball ought to soften a bit and the dent will restore.

It is really fairly simple!

Now, this would possibly not work for cracked bingo balls. Cracked bingo balls are finished and also you may as properly throw them away. Additionally, it will not work on the miniature bingo balls or the wood ones.

Lastly, I am unable to assure this may work. Whereas I’ve used this technique to efficiently restore balls a variety of occasions, it is very attainable that it might destroy a ball additional. In different phrases, use this dwelling treatment at your personal danger. However actually, what have you ever acquired to lose……a dented bingo ball?

Good luck! I hope this protects you from having to purchase a brand new set of balls the following time you may have a little bit dent.

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