What’s the Distinction Between Racquetball Balls?

Find out how to Choose a Racquetball

So that you’re confused by all of the totally different colour racquetballs on the market. Properly who is not? We’re right here to attempt to clarify among the primary variations between the various kinds of racquetballs which might be being produced.

Blue Racquetballs

Blue is the usual racquetball colour. This means a mean pace and bounce. Ektelon, ProKennex and Penn make a blue racquetball. These balls have comparable speeds, though the Ektelon Premium Choose and ProKennex balls appears to have extra bounce. The Penn Extremely-Blue Racquetball is the preferred racquetball amongst leisure gamers.

Crimson Racquetballs

Crimson racquetballs are available in two flavors: Penn Ballistic 2.zero and the Ektelon Fireball (ProKennex makes an Orange Ball that’s comparable). These balls are the quickest and heaviest balls on the market. Their pace and colour make them particularly wonderful for outside play. The Ektelon Fireball Racquetball is the official ball of World Outside Racquetball (WOR).

Purple and Inexperienced Racquetballs

The purple and inexperienced balls are Penn’s Professional Penn line of racquetballs. These balls play sooner than blue, however not as quick because the pink. These balls are fairly full of life within the courtroom and are commonplace tools at most sanctioned tournaments. Many individuals choose the purple ball due to it is enhanced visibility on the courtroom. The Professional Penn HD Racquetball is the official ball of the Worldwide Racquetball Tour (IRT).

Black Racquetballs

Ektelon has a line of basic black racquetballs. These balls emulate the older fashion of racquetball that was slower, lighter and softer. The play of this ball can typically result in longer rallies and is common amongst senior gamers. The Ektelon Traditional Black Racquetball is the official ball of the Traditional Professional Racquetball Tour (CPRT).

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