John Dee, Edward Kelley and the Crystal Ball – Data and Information

John Dee was an eminent Elizabethan thinker, astrologer, astronomer, occultist, imperialist and mathematician who lived between 1527 and 1608. The ‘Dee’, his surname, derives from the Welsh Celtic phrase ‘du’ which suggests black. Dee was born on 13 July 1527, his father Roland was a mercer and minor courtier. Dee devoted a lot of his life to review magic, astrology, alchemy, divination and Airtight philosophy.

Being a superb scholar, he had been invited to lecture on superior algebra in his early twenties on the College of Paris. In 1542 (age of 15), he entered Cambridge School and graduated in 1544 with a BA. He was made a fellow of Trinity School in 1546 and appointed the position of Greek underwriter.

John Dee is thought for being the guide and righthand man of Queen Elizabeth 1. Many individuals additionally believed that he was additionally a secret authorities agent (code title 007). Dee was employed educating navigation to Naval Captains for 30 years.

Dee was arrested throughout the reign of Queen Mary Tudor, he was accused of trying to kill the Queen with sorcery. In 1553, he was imprisoned in Hampton Courtroom. The rationale behind this may occasionally have been a horoscope that he solid, the horoscope was to determine when Mary would die. He was additionally imprisoned for heresy in 1555 however within the following yr Queen Mary gave him a full pardon. Dee discovered a brand new period of prosperity in 1558 when Queen Elizabeth succeeded her sister. He was even commissioned to foretell the proper time for her coronation. Sadly, folks nonetheless imagine that his diabolical dealings nonetheless continued.

John Dee was obsessive in gathering books and manuscripts. Dee collected so lots of his favourite books that he created the best private library in England. His intensive library which he housed at his mom’s residence attracted visits from the foremost students within the nation. In 1564, he revealed certainly one of his many books, The Monas Hieroglyphica. He believed that the Monas Hieroglyphica was the last word image of Occult information.

In 1581, he started his experiments in making an attempt to contact discarnate entities, primarily fuelled by unusual desires and mysterious noises inside his residence. Via the medium of his crystal ball, Dee recorded that he had lastly made his first contact with the spirit world on 25 Might 1582. This had taken him years of labor to realize, by learning the occult and crystallomancy. Spirit contact was believed to be Dee’s main driving pressure for the remainder of his life.

Generally Dee along with Edward Kelley preferred to take a seat down in entrance of the crystal ball and communicated with the spirits. It’s mentioned that angels had instructed them to make some magical charts and thru the medium of the crystal stone and mirror, they might place sure letters, into column’s or magical graphs. You can too see their magical gear and manuscripts together with Dee’s obsidian scrying mirror and quartz crystal ball within the British Museum. The crystal ball was stolen in December 2004 however recovered shortly afterwards. Many imitations are in circulation.

There was one spirit particularly got here to dominate the scrying, she known as herself Madimi. Dee described her as a religious creature, fairly with round 7 to 9 years of age, half angel and half elfin – Dee named his personal daughter after her. The spirits taught Kelley and Dee their very own Angelic language which they known as Enochian. Unusual sufficient that Madimi additionally instructed them to share all issues together with their wives.

In 1595, Kelley was killed whereas making an attempt to flee from jail in Prague, whereas Dee died in poverty in 1608.

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