Tips on how to Assault a 2-3-2 Zone Protection in Flag Soccer

One of the requested questions flag soccer coaches ask is how one can assault a zone protection. The truth is, it was that very query that led to me begin promoting my Headache Offense and Unbeatable Protection on-line greater than a decade in the past. I made a decision to provide you with a set of performs only for this text to point out how simple beating a zone protection actually is.

Right here is one instance of how one can transfer the ball vs. a 2-3-2 zone in a 7man blocking league. All three of those performs assault the “bubble” beneath the Security and between the Linebacker and Cornerback. It is a very susceptible a part of the zone protection.

Play #1

[Link to play diagrams found at bottom of article]

LSE – Submit-corner route with the preliminary break at about 7 yards depth. Be certain the submit a part of the route goals to the other sideline at about 20-25 yards depth. That is necessary, as you will see within the subsequent play.

RSE – Submit route with the break at about 5-7 yards depth.

RWO – Sq. in route at about 5 yards depth. The ball will likely be thrown to the “bubble” space.

Middle – After an preliminary block, run a 5 yard hook route above the LT.

QB – The reads are easy.

1) First take a look at the “bubble” and whether it is open, cross to the RWO operating into it.

2) If the LB is threatening the bubble, cross to the middle. If the Security is threatening the bubble, cross to the RSE submit on the shaded space within the diagram. Cross a bullet to him in stride.

3) If the FS strikes to assist cowl the RSE, simply cross to the LSE’s post-corner.

Now what occurs if the sturdy facet Nook follows the RWO, anticipating the in route? That brings us to the following play.

Play #2

[Link to play diagrams found at bottom of article]

LSE – Precisely just like the earlier play’s post-corner, however with out the second break. Proceed the submit throughout the sector till you run out of bounds.

RSE – Run a submit precisely such as you did within the earlier play, besides at about 12-15 yards break outdoors to the sideline at some extent 2 or Three yards beneath your break.

RWO – Run a sq. in like earlier than, however earlier than you get to the center of the sector, flip round and quiet down within the “bubble”.

Middle – Similar as earlier play.

QB – Solely run this play while you discover the Nook following the RWO on the sq. in.

1) Learn the RWO first and ensure the Nook follows him. If he does not, cross to the RWO within the “bubble”. If he does, learn the SS.

2) If the Security is not in place to defend the RSE’s break outdoors, cross to him. As a result of the Nook vacated the surface zone, he must be open.

3) If the Security is in tight protection with the RSE on his out break, cross to the LSE downfield for an enormous acquire! Be certain and hit him in stride.

If the LB is contained in the “bubble”, cross to the Middle. If the Nook retreats again to his zone earlier than you cross to the RSE, cross to the RWO within the “bubble”.

Play #3

[Link to play diagrams found at bottom of article]

Here is one other strategy to assault that very same “bubble”.

LSE – Run both a streak or a submit just like the one within the earlier play.

RSE – Run a 5-7 yard hook.

RWO – Run a 5 yard hook, promote it by squaring your shoulders to and making eye contact with the QB. Then, shortly break upfield in a streak.

Middle – Similar as earlier play.


1) Begin out studying the RWO and (assuming he is not open) pump-faking to him on the hook.

2) Then learn the SS. If he isn’t in place to cowl the “bubble”, cross to the RSE. If the SS is in place to cowl it, learn the RWO streaking. The Security learn should be very fast as you do not have very a lot time to cross to the hook-and-go.

After all, if the LB is within the “bubble” cross to the Middle. And if each the RSE and RWO are coated, cross to the LSE downfield.

As with every play set, that you must apply with each potential learn the QB could make so the reads change into second nature. That approach, he will not should “assume”, he simply has to “react”. In case you simply put a QB beneath heart with out detailed reads, you’re destined to fail. You possibly can’t count on a QB to have the ability to simply look out at four or 5 totally different receivers and discover the open man (until, in fact, you may have a Joe Montana in your staff). That is like telling a checkers participant to only “get the king” in a recreation of chess!

However, if you happen to educate your QB precisely what to learn and how one can react, then you do not have to have an excellent sign caller, you simply have to have one which’s prepared to apply. After all, which means you may’t have too many performs otherwise you will not be capable to execute them accurately. That is why that you must select probably the most highly effective performs that may be efficient when run time and again vs. the identical staff.

Beating a zone protection is about technique, not athleticism. It is about out-thinking your opponent. Begin drawing zone defenses on items of paper and looking for the weaknesses in them and brainstorm how one can exploit them. In case you begin utilizing your mind, you may simply dismantle any zone protection you face!

[Play diagrams may be considered HERE]

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